Buy Used Printers

Buy used printers and Photocopiers

We buy and sell used printers and Photocopiers from a wide range of manufacturers such as
Xerox, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Kyocera, RICOH, CANON, HP, SHARP and others.

We purchase machines directly from well-established distributors of Printers and Photocopiers across the UK which enables us to provide high Quality of Services among other suppliers in the UK. The copiers and Printers supplied by our company are quality tested before shipment. Over the years in the used Printers Industry we have built strong relationships with a number of well-known brands and we are considered as one of the best providers of Used Printers and Photocopiers in the United Kingdom who deal customers across Africa and worldwide other countries as well.

The truth is, technology is the main power for today’s era which has a shelf life. Model units due to daily update in tech do come and go. The main key of success is to stay continually updated with new models that are available in the today’s market. We purchase machines that are more trustful, all OK and well in operating. All these things when becomes 100% then we are satisfied and be able to provide the best services. we believe to deliver best to achieve better trust and success. We do best quality attestation before sending you the product. All documents(original)are attached and other criteria are to be fulfilled during shipping time. You don’t need to be worry because you are in right hands. Buy used printers are the best stock we had ever. Along with it, we deliver new machines also. We trust the brands that high demand in the market and we had the best experience with these brands.

when you got machines, firstly make sure to check each and everything including the box, make sure all the accessories are present that include with it. Check the status of the machine either it is working fine or had some bugs and errors. Secondly, check the physical status of the machine to verify is it OK or if it’s broken or has missing parts. You can claim any complaint regarding missing things or related to damages within 1 month. Try to print a single page to see if it’s working good and properly.

Following is a list of manufacturers whom we deal currently deal in:


We have the Following list of machines available in our stock.

Model Qty 
Konica C4521
Konica C2202
Konica C3601
Konica C2201
Kyocera 35001
Kyocera TA55012
RICOH MPC2051/25514
Ricoh MPC25001
Sharp Mxm 450N1
RICOH 30011
RICOH MPC2051/25514
Kyocera TA5201
Kyocera TA55002
Konica C2201
Ricoh DX32433
Riso RZ2001
Canon IRA82051
Canon IR60751
Kyocera TA45011
Kyocera 80014
Kyocera TA520i3
Ricoh MP20001
Sharp MXM3141
Ricoh MPC300r1
Ricoh MPC3052
Kyocera TA2211
Kyocera TA300i11
Kyocera TA30102
Ricoh MP40021
Ricoh MP25101
Sharp ARM4511
Canon IRAC52501
Kyocera 20501
Ricoh MPC28001
Ricoh MPC2050/20513
Ricoh MP4000/50002
Kyocera TA1813
Kyocera 25601
Kyocera 50352
Olivetti D35 (Kyocera 3035)1
Kyocera 50508
Kyocera 30503
Kyocera 40502
Sharp MXM12041
Ricoh MP25531
Ricoh MP55001
Ricoh MP90011
Utax CD3060i3
Ricoh MP28512
Utax CD1480 (Kyo TA8000)1
Ricoh MPC55031
Ricoh MPC28001
Ricoh MPC30514
Ricoh MPC55011

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