Stock Lot Paper

We are one of the leading exporters of Paper and Paper products. The paper grades which we export include Woodfree Coated, LWC paper, Newsprint, Uncoated Woodfree stocklot paper, Colored Woodfree Stocklot paper, Self Adhesive paper, Kraft Paper, Testliner, Duplex Board, SBS, coloured paper, Tissue Paper, coloured craft, Aluminum Foil stocklot paper, bleached craft, CCNB, white top liner board, MG paper, sulfite stocklot paper, latex paper, Coated paper, C1S paper, C2S paper, Uncoated paper, Colored paper, Boxboard, Silicon release paper, Tissue paper, Greaseproof paper, Thermal paper, Carbonless paper, color Kraft paper, Bleached Kraft paper, Printed Kraft rolls, MG paper, Absorbent paper, Latex paper, crepe paper, sulfite paper.



Continuous supply of large volume

our company is capable of moving high and flexible volumes of paper  in the market anytime at any market. With our network of stock in different countries and our reliable sources, we can fulfill any demand of paper and provide excellent quality service.