Used Clothing


Our used clothes come straightforwardly from buys that our organization consults in exceptionally extraordinary volumes with various organizations, affiliations or establishments in a manner that the costs we offer to our customers are immediate and without delegates. We offer the discount of utilized garments of phenomenal quality and extra levels of characteristics of utilized garments that have been utilized longer with the reason for fulfilling the necessities of every one of our clients.

We utilize the most experienced and committed graders and sorters in the business. Our quality control is unparalleled. The greater part of our items are stuffed in firmly secured 100 pound parcels. We utilize an exceptional system of making the clothing available to your shoppers.

Pleaes ask complete stock list and price and see how can we serve you with quality and excellence


Used Clothes Grade “A” Mix Sorting and Grading:

We have staff sorting and grading day and night. Since it is a human procedure it isn’t impeccable however we accomplish a low imperfection rate! You can expect just 4%-6% deformity rate on Grading.

  • Bright Colors
  • Limited Wear
  • No Tears
  • No holes

Used Clothes Grade “B” Mix Sorting and Grading:

  • Faded Colors
  • Limited Wear
  • Limited Tear
  • Minor Defects
  • A few holes present

Used Clothes Grade “C” Mix Sorting and Grading:

  • Rags and Shredded Clothes